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Resources and Support

As a breast cancer survivor, I understand how challenging it can be when navigating a breast cancer diagnosis, but having access to culturally sensitive resources and support can make a significant difference. This guide highlights some of the key organizations and initiatives in the Bay Area that focus on providing assistance specifically for BIPOC individuals with breast cancer. By visiting the websites provided and reaching out to these resources, individuals can find the support and services they need to navigate their breast cancer journey with care and understanding.

  1. Bay Area Cancer Connections: They offer a range of support services, including support groups, educational programs, wellness activities and financial support. Visit their website at [](



  1. Breast Cancer Emergency Fund: This organization provides emergency financial assistance to breast cancer patients. They help cover basic living expenses, such as rent, utilities, and transportation. Learn more at [](


  1. Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS): This organization focuses on supporting young women diagnosed with breast cancer. They provide a safe and inclusive space for young breast cancer survivors to connect, share experiences and receive support. Visit their website at
[ (


  1. Women’s Cancer Resource Center (WCRC): WCRC provides support groups, counseling, and educational programs for women with breast cancer. Their Sister-to-Sister program provides African American women with cancer education workshops, support groups, community outreach and wellness programs. They also offer resources for navigating insurance and financial assistance. Learn more at [](


  1. Asian Health Services: This community health center provides culturally competent care for Asian and Pacific Islander communities. They offer cancer screenings, treatment referrals, and support services. Visit their website at [](


  1. Latinas Contra Cancer: This organization focuses on supporting Latinas and their families through cancer education, patient navigation, and support services. Learn more at [](


  1. Cancer Support Community: They provide free support groups, educational workshops, and wellness programs for cancer patients and their families. Visit their website at](


  1. African American Breast Cancer Alliance (AABCA): A national network raising awareness about breast cancer in the African American community. They provide information, support, and advocacy for African Americans with breast cancer. Learn more at (


  1. Tigerlily Foundation: A national breast cancer organization that focuses on addressing the unique needs and challenges of young BIPOC women with breast cancer, including those under the age of 40. The Tigerlily Foundation also provides education & awareness, support services, financial assistance, empowerment and advocacy and the Young Adult Institute- which provides education, mentorship and networking opportunities that help empower breast cancer participants to make positive impacts on the live of others. Visit their website at (




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