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Yes I Am Dej

Trusted guidance when you need us most. Because no one should face breast cancer alone.

About Yes I Am Dej

Yes I Am Dej is a heartfelt and empowering blog created by Deje Silas, a 31-year-old BIPOC woman and breast cancer survivor located in the Bay Area, CA. This blog is dedicated to the BIPOC community battling breast cancer in the Bay Area. With her inspiring journey as the foundation, Deje aims to uplift and inspire strength among her readers, fostering hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

Yes I Am Dej also serves as a valuable resource hub, providing local resources to support individuals on their own breast cancer journeys. Through personal stories, informative articles, and community engagement, Yes I Am Dej is a platform that celebrates the power of resilience and offers a sense of unity and support to those in need.

Popular Topics

Topics the Blog business provide

A wide range of topics related to breast cancer and the experiences of the BIPOC community battling this disease in the Bay Area, CA.
Some of the key topics covered in the blog include:

Deje’s Breast Cancer Journey

Deje shares her personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs throughout her breast cancer journey, providing an intimate and relatable perspective.

Inspiring Stories

The blogs goal is to feature and inspire stories of other BIPOC individuals who have overcome breast cancer, showcasing their strength and resilience.

Health and Wellness

Tips and advice related to health and wellness during and after breast cancer treatment are shared, including exercise, nutrition, and self-care practices.

Mental and Emotional Well-being

The blog addresses the mental and emotional aspects of battling breast cancer, offering insights and strategies for maintaining a positive mindset and coping with the challenges.

Advocacy and Awareness

Yes I Am Dej raises awareness about breast cancer within the BIPOC community and advocates for better access to healthcare, resources, and support.

Resources and Support

Yes I Am Dej provides local resources and support networks available in the Bay Area for individuals battling breast cancer. These resources include medical professionals, support groups, and organizations that offer assistance and guidance.

Overall, the blog covers a diverse range of topics to provide a comprehensive and supportive platform for the BIPOC community battling breast cancer in the Bay Area, CA.

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